Hai! It's me again.

My new blog post's all about my second story, The Ghost In the Hotel.

The plot's all about a Russian descend girl named Nikolai Chernova, who, lives in 'Frank's Haven' hotel suite's D118, the reknown haunted suite.

No one knows exactly the main reason why that suite is haunted, but, Nathaniel knows a little bit of pieces:

During World War II, the founder, Frank Sands, had tried to summon his dead wife's spirit from the dead in the suite he once lived in. It took him four days before he revived his wife, however, her soul pestered unrestly from the no-longer-virgin body Frank Sands killed.

It was said, that, to revive a soul, the body the soul can enter in must be a virgin's body.

Anyways, Frank's wife was more jealous of other female, and begins meeting other people until her husband found out she cheated against him all along. (Although, later in the story, the ghost says that 'He knew all along, and he killed me, he raised me from the dead so he can have me begging')

Frank killed the body and his wife's soul once more, however, the ritual he performed to revive her, if he kills the soul after reviving it, the performer of the ritual's soul will be taken as well.

And so, his wife's spirit haunts anyone who lives in her suite until they find and kill Frank's descendant before he revived her.

So, now you know what they have to face, remember, this story's super cheesy.

~ Katrina Cahill 14:24, October 28, 2011 (UTC)