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Welcome! This wiki is created by Supernaturals, and I hope you can enjoy this place!


Apperantly, when it comes to fanfiction,

  1. You are not allowed to flame, asking other users to flame does count as flaming. If you flamed someone, you will get banned for 3 days, if you flamed before, you can look at a permanent ban.
  2. You are not allowed to make extremely scary stories that can ensure the admins will never go here again.
  3. You can say bad words, but you must bleep them out - eg: sh*t
  4. If you said a bad word without bleeping, for as how many letters it had, those are the days you will be banned - eg: sh*t = 4 letters = 4 days of ban


I'm so happy that, it's such a great start! 3 people in a few days?! Get out! ~~So I heard you like Mudkip