Chapter OneEdit

Candice's P.O.V.Edit

I woke up with the other side of the bed with cold air. I believe there's something there. I don't want to remember much about yesterday. It was so tragic. I couldn't imagine life without him anymore. As I looked at the window beside my bed I saw Mom burning all of Dad's things. I told her not to. It should be our remembrance from him. As I looked at the mirror to brush my hair, I remember Dad brushing my hair during my 16th birthday. That day was so special and was all arranged by Dad. I have dark hair. My skin is white, indeed. My eyes are hazel. I don't look like my brother and mother. I am very different from them. It's kind of awkward. I ran downstairs. While I was passing by our power room, I heard a sob. I knew it was my little brother, Vince. Even though he was just my half-brother I love him so much. He was my Mother's son. I peeked at the power room and he was still working on the lamp my Dad and my brother was making. The lamp was very colorful. They have been working on it since last week. The lamp was abandoned infront of the store Dad was working. The lamp was very special because of it's size. It was very big. It had many spots and colors. I entered the power room to comfort Vince. But he hesitated. The lamp was very special. I ran outside the house to prevent Mom from burning all of Dad's things. "Mom! Mom! Don't!" I shouted. Mom continued crying. The time I saw Dad's things I bursted out with tears. "It needs to be burned." Mom said. "You're right." I continued crying. The kettle in the kitchen whistled. "Continue burning all of his things. All, Candice." Mom said so I obeyed. I burned all of his clothes but something caught my eye. It was a shining gold necklace. Since it will take time to burn, I kept it. I didn't obey Mom. "Forgive me, Mom" I thought. I wore the necklace and covered it with my dress. I cleaned the backyard and I heard my phone ringing. "Sweetie, your phone's ringing." Mom shouted. "I'm on it, Mom!" I said. I knew it was Katrina. "Hello?" I said. "I'm sorry for your lost. I'll go there in a minute. I'm in the car." she said. I hanged up. I remembered yesterday. "No! No!" I thought. I don't want to remember. Dad died while he was on his way home. My brother was so excited because he knew Dad has something for him. We were all waiting for him. Then Dad went in the longer road to pass by the house of his friend. He noticed it was burning. He tried to help out. He entered the burning house and he died. The police knew that Dad was holding many things and it was for us. There were dresses, toys, appliances and so much more. It was such a lost. Dad was a very kind person. I didn't notice I was starting to cry. Then the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was Katrina. "Come. I'll introduce you to Mom." I said. Katrina is my best friend. We went to the kitchen and Mom saw Katrina. Mom's face was so shocked. I didn't know why. "Your name is..?" Mom asked. "Oh! I'm Katrina. Nice meeting you and I'm so sorry for your lost." they shaked hands. "Katrina?" Mom asked. Katrina nodded and now Mom's face is more shocked. I wanted to know why. But today is not the right timing. But why? It's just Katrina.

We had dinner together but Vince don't want to eat until 8 o' clock. We usually eat dinner during 8 o' clock because Dad comes home at that time. We will always wait for him. But now and for the rest of our lives we will eat dinner at 6 o' clock. During dinner Mom keeps asking questions to Katrina like 'What's your birthday?', 'Where do you come from?', 'Whose your parents?' ,and 'Where do you live?'. Katrina's face was confused. Katrina stood up. "Thank you for letting me eat dinner with you but I think it's getting late. I need to go home. I'll just ask my Dad if he can fetch me but if not I will be glad to continue the night at your house." she smiled. But Mother's face was all in sob again because Katrina mentioned the word 'Dad'. "I'm sorry." Katrina frowned. "No. It's okay. Its just that..." Mom said. Katrina and I went to my room. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." Katrina apologized. "Don't worry." I smiled. "By the way I haven't seen Vince anywhere in your house. Where is he?" Katrina asked. "He's still working on the lamp in the power room. I think it's very important for him." I explained. Katrina nodded. Katrina have a blonde hair and blue eyes. She is skinny like me and she has fair skin. Katrina looked at my necklace and I got very nervous. "Hey! What's that?" she quickly took the necklace off my neck. "Hey! Give it back to me!" I got red. "Not unless you tell me where you got this first." she raised her eyebrows. "I found it in my old stuffs." I lied. "I don't believe you." she showed her tongue out. "Okay! Fine! Fine! I was supposed to burn it. But I found it attractive. Sorry." I confessed. "It was your Dad's?" she was shocked. "Yeah. Don't tell Mom! She asked me to burn all of Dad's things but I didn't burn this one." I said. "I thought it was from Damon. Yiee. But do you know the legend that if someone dies you shouldn't wear anything that was from the deceased one or the deceased one will appear to you tonight!" she whispered. "Not funny! I just love this necklace!" I murmured. "But it's true. The old people said that. Not me. But if we see anything tonight I will kill you since I'll be staying here until tomorrow!" she shivered. "Don't worry! I'm here and that's not true!" I got scared but I don't want to remove it. It was just so special.

We looked at Vince's window and he was still working on it. I had pity and I decided to give him food. "Vince, here's food. Just continue that tomorrow. I'm sure Dad wants you to eat more and be healthier!" I comforted him. He smiled and ate the food I gave him. After he ate dinner, he quickly got to bed and slept. It was almost 9 o' clock and Katrina and I have to sleep but we are still scared about the legend. What if it appears to us? What if it kills us? I'm so scared. Katrina and I slept together. I was still awake because I had these weird thoughts in my mind. Katrina moved and sighed. "Wait... You're still awake?" I was shocked. "Of course I am. Because you didn't want to remove that necklace off your neck! It scares me a lot." she said. "Sorry. But it's past 12 midnight. It didn't showed up anyway." I said. "Yeah. You're right but the problem is... I need to go to the bathroom!" she shouted. "Hurry! I really need to go there! Come with me!" she stood up. "Okay!" we hurried. She closed the bathroom door and I was scared. It was dark. I got goosebumps and I felt the cold air. I heard someone whisper. "Katrina! That's not funny!" I shouted with anger. "What? I'm still here! Wait for me!" she shouted. "Take care!" someone whispered. "Dad? Dad! Dad! Please don't leave us! Dad!" I shouted as I looked at the dark side. I didn't know what I was doing. Then the cold air and the whispering vanished. "You scared me! How could you! What happened?" Katrina shouted. "He was here." then I blacked out.

Chapter TwoEdit

Katrina's P.O.V.Edit

"CANDICE! CANDICE! OMG! Are you still alive?" I shouted while shaking Candice. Vince ran to my side. He looked nervous by the look in his face. "What happened?" he asked. "There is no time! Get your mom!" I ordered. He left me and I felt a little scared. Then I tried to remember what Candice said. But I guess I could ask her IF she wakes up. I bit my lip while waiting for Vince and Candice's mom. It was so creepy staying alone in the dark with someone who is unconscious. Soon Vince and his mom came running here. Vince carried Candice to her bedroom. While I was calling the doctor. I dialed the number what Candice's mom instructed me. It was ringing for a while then someone answered. "Hello?" I said. There was no answer. "Hello?" No answer still. Just when I almost put it down someone answered. "Hello dear" a rough voice obviously a guy said. "Uhm, may I speak to doctor?" I said. "Can you please tell Katrina this" he started. I got shocked. I did not react at first. "Can you tell Katrina to be strong. And the necklace she got will lead her to her destiny." "Who are you?" I finally ask. Then he put down the phone. I got shocked then call the number again. It was answered immediately. "Hello, welcome! Who are you looking for?" a woman answered. "Can you get the doctor to go to here?" I said. "Okay, what is your address?" she asked. As I told the address and why we need the doctor. I put down the phone and went to Candice. I wish she was awake. I need her now. I have to tell her the message. Was it her father? Maybe. It sends a shiver down my spine. Candice's mother walks in with candlelight and put it beside Candice's bed. Candice's mom sits beside me. With hopeful eyes. "Katrina, dear, how's your parents? Are they treating you good?" she asks. "They are fine. And yes they are great parents." Then there was a long pause. "Why?" "Oh nothing, I just want to see if you are in good hands" she replies. Okay, seriously. I just slept overnight at Candice's house and weird things happen. First Candice's mom ask me alot of questions then Candice shows up with some creepy necklace that comes from her dead father then Candice's father starts showing up, Candice starts fainting and I get to talk to her dad on the phone no matter he is dead. And right now I have this message to give to Candice. Wow. What a great adventure. The door knocks and the doctor with Vince comes in. As he went in Candice's mom stood up immediately. "Hello Doctor Hawthorne" she greets. He puts down his brief case then examines Candice. After that he stood up and look at Candice's mom happily. "She's going to be okay. She will wake up soon enough, just feed her and she will be all right" he says. "Thanks. How much?" Candice's mom asks. "It's for free." He winks. After he left the room I slept beside Candice. I finally close my eyes then I soon start dreaming. I dreamed about my mom in front of me. Smiling and laughing. And also my father. We were playing in the meadows. I was still 4 years old back then. Jacob was still in my mother stomach. Soon a woman started walking in carrying a 4 year old child in her arms. The child almost looked like Candice. The woman had gray eyes. But her stare was like a wolf's. Like it's going to attack. My father and mother looked shocked as she came. My father ran to me and carried me. And started running with my mother. But it was too late. The woman brought out a wand a cast a spell on them. That made them not to move. She placed her daughter in their arms instead and remove me. I started crying and kicking her. She removes the spell and they started running away not noticing me at all. I cried as loud as I can. Calling them. But they never turned back. The woman looked in to my eyes, she slowly brought up a knife then..WHAM! I wake up. I heared the noise coming from outside. I look beside me Candice is not there anymore. I walk to her mirror. I looked at myself. My hair was a mess. And I looked like I have cried the whole night. I would always dream that dream. Somehow it felt so real. And oddly my parents in my dreams don't look like my actual parents. So it is very strange. I looked at my scar near my collarbone. I always wondered where I got that. Strange. But I knew dreams are not true. And it was obvious. I came downstairs fresh. Breakfast was bacon and eggs. Candice looked much better. "Had a nice sleep?" I asked. "I guess I should be asking you that. Last night you kept on shouting for help" Candice's mother said. "Oh I just had a bad dream." I said then sat next to Candice. I quietly ate. Then Candice finally spoke up. "Katrina, what happened?" she asked. "I'll explain later" I replied. I barely ate. I just excused myself and went upstairs to fix my stuff. Candice excused herself also and followed me upstairs. "Katrina, you can tell me. That's what best friends for right?" I sighed. And started to tell her everything. From her father's message to my awful dream. Candice did not react until I finished. "Hey, Katrina I had that kind of dream but of course different from yours. But I would always see this 4 year old girl that looks like you. Who looks frightened and sad" she finally said.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Candice's P.O.V.Edit

It was so awkward that Katrina heard the voice of my father to tell her a message for her that doesn't include me. What was that? Katrina should be wearing my necklace? But I guess if it's really for her I should give it to her. But why? I'm the daughter. Things have been crazy since Father's death. I wanted to know the truth. Mom and Dad have been keeping something about me for years. I remember that time when I was 5 years old. I peeked at Mom and Dad's room because I heard them shouting at each other. "Should we tell her?" Mom said. "No. She's still young for her to understand these." Dad said. "But soon she'll know!" Mom said. "It will be hard for her. Okay? Just stick with me." Dad left. "And I will go visit the Evergreens." Dad continued. I never knew what they wanted to tell me. All these years I've been watching my parents and it all connects to one thing, me and Katrina. Katrina and I have been childhood friends for years now. Why Katrina and me? Why don't Father want to tell me? What's too hard for me to understand? I didn't tell Katrina what happened to me when I blacked out. I had this creepy vision. It was so bright and I found one white door. I opened the door and there was a baby with the Evergreens. It was a girl and I was sure it was Katrina. The other door was black. I was afraid to open the black door since it was dark there. But why does it always connects to Katrina? Why not just me and Vince? Katrina's Dad didn't call her today so that means Mr. Evergreen wouldn't go here to fetch her. She will stay here again for another day. I remembered Mom and Katrina. Where are they? I peeked at the window and they were in the garden picking fresh flowers so Mom would sell them in the market. We are not rich but Katrina sure is rich. Since Father's death we have been eating vegetables. No meat. I knew I needed to help Mom in working so I ran downstairs and left the house with Vince. We went to the park to collect flowers and if we get caught we will go directly to jail. But seriously? My grandparents needs to go home. They need to help us. My grandparents are wealthy and I wonder why they don't give money to my parents. They just give money to me and Vince. When they go home they will always give five hundred dollars to each of us. Mom called me. "Where are you? You didn't even say good bye!" she worried. "I'm okay, Mom. Vince and I are in the park to collect flowers. Don't worry. We'll be back soon." I said. "But your grandparents are almost here! You have to go home!" Mom said. Vince and I hurriedly went home. When I got back my grandparents are still not here. It's been Dad's burial for two days and they are not still visiting. Dad's family are still not visiting. It's just so sad that they forgot about him. He's our hero though he didn't save his friend in the fire. But yesterday it was confirmed that there was a party at his friend's house. Many people were there. That's the only details the police gave us. Then finally my grandparents rang the doorbell. Vince and I ran downstairs to give them a hug. They gave us five hundred dollars and we put them on the money bag. We've been saving it for years. Vince said it was for my wedding. I was in the dark hallways when Katrina appeared. "Hey! Candice? You've been ignoring me. Why? Did I do something?" Katrina appeared. "Oh god you scared me!" I shouted. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." she apologized. "And I'm sorry because I've been avoiding you. I just went out to help my Mom too." I explained. "Oh yeah! Why don't we go downstairs and introduced me to your grandparents. I'll prepare dinner with your Mom afterwards." she said. When Katrina went down my grandparents were all in shock. Why? "Is something new here? Or something different about her?" I said awkwardly. "Um... Good afternoon Mrs. Snow and Mr. Snow. It's nice meeting you." They shaked hands. "Sweet child." my Granny whispered. After supper we all sat in the living room. My grandparents showed a brand new house for us. It was really big and wide. Soon, the living room suddenly got quiet. "I wanted to show you a book..." Granny said. "..Of shadows." It shocked me and Katrina. But Mom wasn't. Mom knows this. This was the thing she didn't want to tell me. The book seems very old. Katrina and I went to my room to read it. One sentence took my attetion. It reads "The Snow bloodline will be passed if they have a child. One was named Katrina.". We read the other pages to understand what was gonna be passed on. It says "The witches power takes place mentally". It shoked us. WITCHES? Katrina's a witch! Another sentence reads "The necklace will be passed on to the newly witch.". "I guess these is for you." I took off the amazing necklace and gave it to her. She was speechless. But why her? We turned the page and there was a family tree. Katrina was there. But I wasn't there. I knew it. I wasn't their child at all. We couldn't say a word to each other so we just slept. I had this creep vision again. I was able to open the black door and I saw a dark haired baby with hazel eyes. I looked a little closer and it was...ME. The Snows are also in the black door and very old witches. I realized something. Am I a witch too?

Chapter FourEdit

Katrina's P.O.V.Edit

I wake up in the middle night. I felt Candice shiver and kick me. I sit up. "Candice! Wake up!" I said shaking her. "Black door! Black door! Katrina! Katrina!" she turns from left to right. "CANDICE!" I shouted. Then she gasps as she opens her eyes and looks at me. "Katrina, I think I'm a witch too." she finally says. "Candice, what black door?" I ask. She explains everything. Her visions. "We better ask your grandparents" I say. "My grandparents? More like yours. Didn't you hear what they just said?" she says. "I'm not comfortable. Kinda awkward." There was a long pause." Now come on, let's go to their room. I guess they are still awake" We got to their room. As I knocked the door opened. We enetered, and all the lights turned on. In the center was the book of shadows. It opened all of a sudden. We hesitated to go near but it started writing. We went closer to look. It was about Candice now. She enetered the black door with a woman. The woman. She was the woman I dreamed of in my dreams. I touched my scar. My dreams are real. I look at Candice. She looks shocked. "Why?" I ask. "Look at your scar it's glowing!" she shouts. I turn to the mirror. It is glowing. It is glowing white. "What's happening!?" I started panicking. Soon Candice's grandparents come running in. "What did you two do?!" they shouted at the same time. The book was writing about Candice. Pages and pages passed. The scar hurt even worst. Then, the pain stopped. I dropped to the floor. It really hurt. Candice ran to help me up. While Candice's grandparents flip through the pages. Both of them look shocked from terror and step back. I look at Candice. Her eyes starts to look like the woman's wolf eyes. Ready to attack. To attack me. I was speechless. "What?" she asked. "Get away from me!" I shouted. "GET AWAY!" I stood up no matter my body hurts. I limped to Candice's grandparents. She starts getting black vibes around her. Her eyes turn red. "What is happening to me!" she shouts. "AAAAHHHH!" She shouts. And I start feeling the pain again. It starts glowing. Candice's grandfather tries to help Candice's grandmother helps me. I glanced at the book. More pages kept on flipping. More stories are writing. That means more danger waits both of us. As I took my last glance at the book. The world starts to spin. Then I start to close my eyes. I blacked out. Just like Candice. I woke up beside Candice. There I saw my grandparents. Well, that was my first time to call them that. Telling my mom and dad what's happening to us. They looked like they have seen a ghost. "Oh, Katrina, you're awake" my mother said. And stood up to sit beside me. "What happened?" I ask. She shows the book. Just like them I was shocked. I read from the very beginning it was just like my dream. Where I got stabbed. And I was left there at the meadows. My fake parents saw me there and nursed me back to health. And never told me where I came from. I am a witch. But not that powerful. Not until I master it. Then, I will be as powerful as dark witch. I turned the pages as I read I knew my whole life was a lie. Even my own name. My name was supposed to be Samantha. Samantha Snow. As I turned the pages it was about Candice's life. Her whole life was also a lie. Just like me. I guess it is destiny for us to meet. I look at my necklace that Candice gave me. Wow. Her name was supposed to be Diana Rein. Wow. Her mother was a powerful evil witch. The woman of my dreams. I flipped through pages...Diana's mother wants to kill me. Because she predicted when she gave birth that one day I will grow stronger and kill her. I'm the kind of powerful witch that has to kill evil witches. And I'm last of my kind, I think. While evil witches like Candice and her mother. I looked on what was written from last night. It was prediction. One night Candice will get full power. And kill me. Like she was brainwashed. On the full moon. She will be just like what happened last night. The black door. I know what it is. It is Candice's bloodline. She is on the dark side. That means she can't be trusted by my kind. But how? She is not evil. But she will soon be. When she is older. Or worse. I worry alot. And on the full moon..Candice will join her mother. And this time her mother is holding a sword. It is color gold. Shining bright. I asked what they are. They are called Knightling Sword. Witches my kind can't be killed easily by a stab. It will just turn into a scar. Like the one near my collarbone. The Knitling Sword can kill me easily. As fast as a bullet straight through my head. Which will not kill me also. As it says in the book. Just like Candice and her mother only that sword can kill. We live infinite. I have been thinking, if Candice will be one of them...will she really kill me? Then she woke up. I slammed the book and hid it under my bed. I don't know why but I just did. "Mornin' ouch. My head hurts!" she groans. "Uhh, yeah. My scar is also." I say. After I read the book I don't feel comfortable around her. Because I know she will try to kill me.

Chapter FiveEdit

Katrina's P.O.V.Edit

"Come on. Let's go downstairs!" she smiled and grabbed my wrist. "Uhmm, why don't you go a head?" I say. "Oh, okay. If you say so." she says looking startled and goes downstairs. I sighed in relief. Should I really be ignoring her? No. I shouldn't she isn't evil yet. So I guess I have to enjoy her and half be prepared on what is going to happen in the future. I take a deep breath and go down from the bed. I slowly went downstairs. I see Candice eating alot. I guess it tired her out. "So why is everybody so quiet!?" she says then eats chunks of food. "Slow down Candice. Leaves some for me" I say. "Okay" she says her mouth full some bits of it goes to my face. Disgusted I wipe them with a napkin. I get my eggs and sausage. I eat as slow as I can. After that I go upstairs without waiting for Candice. "What's wrong with her? Is it because I ate alot?" she says her mouth still full. I don't want to check out the book. Candice might spot me reading it. So I go around the house. As I roam aound the house I see this old chest under 2 dusty picture frames and a white cloth. I went near it. I got one picture frame and wiped it with my sleeve. It was a picture of Candice, her mother and my father. I thought they burned everything? Well I guess this they didn't. I get the other picture frame. As I wipe it with my sleeve. It is a picture of me as a baby with my father and my mother. Then I look closely at the picture. I see a black smudge. I thought it was dirt so I tried cleaning it more with my sleeve. After it nothing happened. I looked closer. Then I realize it was a shadow trying to go near me. Soon the windows of the room blow open. The winds became strong. I screamed. I was so shocked. The wind was so strong. Soon as Candice comes to me. The wind stops. I sighed in relief. "What was that all about?" she asks. "Uhh, the wind." I say. She hugs me. And say everything will be alright. But only if she read the book she would know nothing will ever be alright. Instead of objecting. I just smiled and nodded. Then I just continue to look at the pictures. "Hey, what's this!" she says she gets the picture of her when she was a baby too and looks at it. "So my mom is the one haunting you in your dreams? Am I right?" she says. "Yes" I put down the picture. Creeped out at the strange figure. And I remove the white blanket on top. I try to open the chest but I can't. "Let me help you" she offers. "Okay, in a count of three." I say. "One, Two, THREE!" We try to pry open the chest. And we did. We looked at each other and smiled. I look inside. It was full of cobwebs. So I blow all of the dust. Then I coughed. "Candice look inside" I ordered while coughing. "Katrina! Look!!" she says. "What?" "Look! Look!" she says then gets out a jar of hearts. Still red and bloody. "CANDICE! GROSS!!" I shout. She examines it. "This is dad's chest. We never ever tried to burn it because we promised him not to touch it." she says. I went to check out the chest again. And wow. There are a lot of stuff in there. I pull out 2 wands. One white and one black. Not even a single dust on it. "Do you think it belongs to us?" I ask. "Yeah maybe" I say as I hand out the black wand to Candice. "Try it" she says. "Not yet. We have to learn how to use this from your grandparents" I say. "Okay then" We look at the chest again. I see a knife. I pull it out. "What is a knife doing in there?" she asks. "This is no ordinary knife. This is the knife your mom tried to kill me with. And where I got my scar." I say. She gets one last thing out it is a white and black pins. "What are those?" I ask. "I don't know. Let's ask grandma or grandpa" Soon my mother drops a glass of water. She was shocked. "Mom why did you drop that?" I say. "Why did you open the chest? Do you understand what will happen if you do that?" "What!?" both of us ask. "H-his s-spirit w-will c-c-c-come b-back." she stammers then faints. "Ain't that suppose to be great?" I say. "Yes, I know right. Hmm. I wonder" she says. I shout for help and the other carry her and put her on her bed. Me and Candice were holding the pins, wands and the jar of hearts. "Did you close the chest?" I ask. "Yeah, I did" she says. "Good" My grandparents looked shocked as they saw us carryng these. "What's up?" I say. They get the jar of hearts from us. "Why did you get this?" They ask. "Well we saw it with wands and pins." we say. My grandma hands the jar of hearts to my grandfather and puts the two pins on us. Black for Candice, white for me. And also the wands. "Keep those. The wands to gain your power and the pins for protection." she says. Then she leans to me and whispers. "Practice a lot and never remove your pin so Candice won't be killing you. You will be practicing with me you need to learn before full moon" then she smiles. I nod. "What's the jar of hearts for?" we ask. "Your mother is scared. Because one, your father maybe kind hearted. But deep inside him he kills his wife in the full moon to get her heart so he can live long. He isn't a witch but his wives are. Your mother is a witch too. Your father is also a womanizer. He was the father of both of you." she says. "He really doesn't mean to do that but it is in blood to eat hearts. Or else he will die. This was his life supply. Actually. But sadly he died. Your mother did not die because your father loves her a lot. So he controlled himself. He wouldn't die in the fire if he had power." We were shocked and looked at each other. We are witches and half sisters. What a surprise. "How 'bout my mom? Why didn't he kill her?" she asks. "She was too powerful to be killed. So he didn't do anything. No matter how many times she tried. So eventually he left her and his wife became Katrina's mother. And she seeked revenge. By trying to kill Katrina" I gasped. I really have to prepare myself for the full moon.

Chapter SixEdit

Candice's P.O.V.Edit

I can't believe I will have to kill my best friend and half-sister. I've got this feeling that she's avoiding me because she's scared that I'll kill her. I understand that I'm in the evil witches side. I came from a very very old bloodline. So now what? I'll just leave it like that? Is there anything that can change our destiny? And our whole life is a lie. My whole life was. My phone kept ringing all day and it was all Damon. He was my crush though but I just can't answer it. I'm so nervous. I just can't. And kill Katrina? No. I'll never do that. And I do not believe that we own those wands. Our family is very historical and the members all have powers. We are witches not wizards. But I know two who are wizards. In our two family tree there's always equality. Like Katrina and I. We have the same power. It's just one have darker magic. And the Snows have dark magic too. We have darker. That's why. I called my cousin, Amanda Rein. She's a wizard. She's weaker than me. Witches are the most powerful human being that could be alive since nature is their allies. "Hey cuz. What's up!" Amanda answered. "I think I found something that belongs to you. Would you mind if you come over here?" I said. "Oh. Is it my wand? And Lorelai's wand?" she said. "Yes. Yes. They said it belongs to us but it really don't. We are witches not wizards." I said. "I'll come there in a minute. I'll fetch Lorelai too." she said as I hang up. Amanda is a wizard from my side while Lorelai is a wizard from their side. I wonder why they said it was ours. I wasn't stupid. I do things mentally. My phone rang again and it was Damon. I sighed and answered it. "Hey! Why aren't you answering my calls?" He asked. "I'm sorry. I was just too busy" I explained. "Oh. Until now? It's been a while since I didn't see you. Wanna hang out?" he asked. I was nervous. I didn't know what to say. Then I noticed that Katrina was peeking at my door. I can feel her. She sensed that I saw her so she quickly grabbed my phone. "She would love to!" Katrina shouted. "Oh. Hi Katrina! Tell her it'll be in the park this afternoon." he said. "Oh. Okay. Got it!" Katrina exclaimed. "Hey! How could you!" I shouted. "Your welcome." Katrina said. I made the phone come to me. Katrina was shocked. "Oh god. Stop grabbing things mentally. It scares me a lot." she said. "Sorry. It's raining. What will I do now? I can't go to the park now." I said. Then I lit the firewoods using my power again. The doorbell rang and I opened the door using my mind. The wands flew and came to me. "Here it is." I gave them to Amanda and Lorelai. "Wait... so it doesn't belong to us?!" Katrina was shocked. "Yes. I knew it. They were all lying because they were too scared. They all knew that we are very powerful. They were scared that we will kill them. Katrina, you are not just a good witch that does good things all the time. You have dark magic too. It will enable us to do bad things. All witches have dark magic." I told everything I know. Katrina sat and sighed. "It was all a lie? I can't believe it." she frowned. "Well... Why don't you just keep investigating inside the house for more clues? I'll just go to the date you arranged for me!" I said. She nodded. I got my jacket and went outside. I stared at the sky and the rain stopped. I'm so nervous of what will I do when I see Damon's face. I went to the park and he was sitting in the bench patiently. "Sorry I'm late." I went toward him. "You weren't late. I was early." he smiled. "Hey! It's a good day to hang out. The sky is so bright. Look!" he stared in the sky. Well... that was me who did it. I smiled. We went around the park with awkward silence so I started to bend over the grass. He followed and I started to make the flowers bloom. "Hey! What's that?" he was amused. Should I tell him that I'm a witch and so do Katrina? The rain started to fall and I can sense that someone made it. I concentrated and I was shocked. My mom made it fall. I sensed danger. My phone started to ring and it was Katrina. Damon went closer to me like he was almost kissing me. I quickly ran away. I went to the car and drove away. I can see Damon following me. He called me. "Hey! What's wrong?" he said and I can see his face in the side mirror. I hanged up and he continued following. When I finally got home, the house was burning. "Katrina! Katrina! Kat! Kat!" I kept shouting as I entered the house. I focused and the fire stopped. I found Katrina lying on the floor. Katrina coughed. She opened her eyes. "Wth? What were you doing?" I was confused. I sensed Damon going to the room. "How did the fire stop?" he was really confused. Katrina and I stared at each other. Then Damon saw a symbol near an old photoframe. "Hey! This is a sign for witches, right? Is your house protected or something?" He asked. And then he realized something. "You are a witch!" he exclaimed in suprise. "Not just me. Katrina also. Our family all have powers. Please keep this as a secret." I asked him. "Sure. But it's just that I'm suprised. And you did all those things? The blooming flower, fire stopping, and blue skies?" He asked and I nodded. Katrina and I explained everything. But I can feel my mother. Her weakness. I can feel it. I just don't know what it was. I continued unconsious and Katrina felt it. I blacked out and the last thing I saw was beside me was on old witch. Her face was scabbed all over.

Chapter SevenEdit

Candice's P.O.V.Edit

I was still sleeping when Katrina finally asked Damon to go home. I can hear her but I just can't wake up. "Uhm...I'll be taking care of Candice since nobody's home. Don't worry." Katrina said and Damon left. After few minutes I can finally open my eyes. "What happened?" I asked. "You blacked out. What is happening to you?!" she asked. "I don't know. The last thing I saw was a woman beside me. Her face was scabbed all over." I said. "Was it your mom?" Katrina asked. "I don't know. I'll need to get clues." I said. "What happened when the fire started?!" I asked. "I was reading the book and it started to burn when I came to the page on how to stop the evil inside you." she said. I knew it she was investigating about me. "What happened after it?" I asked. "I..-I saw many wiches surrounding me so I counldn't stop the fire." she said. "I can hear you awhile ago. While you think I was sleeping. I just can't move or open my eyes. But when Damon left I can open it and I can finally move. Was it about Damon?" I asked. Katrina shrugged. "Wait... We are powerful witches. Do you know where the paper is?" I asked. "It went to our Dad's bedroom. I was afraid to go inside." she said. "Let's do it together. Okay? We have enough power." I said. We held hands together while going to Dad's room. The strong winds start blewing. The windows are open. Some furnitures are moving. I was trying to make it stop. "CONCENTRATE!" I shouted to Katrina. She wasn't doing the spell. When we finally focused it all stopped. The paper was in Dad's bed. We didanothere spell to "unburn" it. Then it read "TRUE LOVE". We are shocked. Beacuse Damon was there, I couldn't move or open my eyes. That's why. My mom was guarding me. She was afraid that I'll find true love and leave her alone. I was just talking to her i my dreams but I haven't talk to her in personal yet. What's my mother's problem? Then we heard the telephone ringing. I answered and I frowned. "This is the police. You are the Snow residents right?" he said. "Yes, yes. Why?" I frowned. "How are you related to Czarina Snow?" he asked. "She's my aunt and her daughter is beside me. Why, sir?" I asked. "She got into a little accident and she died. I'm sorry for your lost. She left a little thing for her daughter though. You can see her body in 182 Rosewood Avenue Police District." He said. I was speechless and hanged the phone. "What happened?!" Katrina started shouting. I didn't answer her. She kept asking and she tried to make my veins null. I cannot move. "What are you doing?!" I shouted. I pushed her mentally and she banged her head in the wall and my veins start running again. I was shocked that she almost killed me. I went to her and she was still alive. I made a spell to wake her up but she forgot what she did. "What happened?" she asked. Then she got afraid of me. She was going away from me. "You.... you almost killed me!" she said. "No! You were the one who almost killed me! You stopped my veins so I pushed you and you banged your head in the wall. Trust me." I got red. She wondered. "I guess I should believe you" she sighed. What was happening? I thought I have darker magic? What happened to her? "Uhm...Katrina, your Mom died." I said and frowned. " Mom?! She died? How? How did this happen?" she cried. I hugged her. "I know how you feel." I comforted her. "Why don't we just go to the police and use our powers to make her alive again?" I asked. "No. I've read it in the book. It'll take so much power from us." she said. I was shocked. I mean she doesn't want her mother to live? I love her mother too. I've been living with her for 16 years. I wouldn't leave it just like that. "I'll ask help from our family." I said. Raining happens when something bad happens to a witch. It started raining harder so I concentrated who it was. It was our grandparents. "No! No!" I shouted in confusion. I quickly took the keys and Katrina followed. "It was our grandparents isn't it?" she asked. I nodded. What is happening? It took a very long time because our grandparents house is too far. So we started to use our magic to make it there in a short time. When we were there, we saw a huge hurricane. We held hands to make it stop. I left Katrina outside to control the hurricane while I entered the destroyed house. "Papa! Mama! Can you hear me!" I shouted. I finnaly saw them lying together side by side. "I-I left a note for you two." then he closed his eyes. "No! No! Papa!" I cried. My aunt and our grandparents were put into the same police station. Katrina couldn't stop crying but I told her the message. We just don't know were the note is.

Chapter EightEdit

Katrina's P.O.V.Edit

I can't think straight. So many things happened in one day. I stared at the dead bodies covered with white cloth from head to toe. My eyes started to water. So without thinking I ran out of the police station and into the rain. I tried to run to the house. I can hear Candice shouting my name behind me. I did not stop. I have to get the note. To save at least Candice. She is the only living relative I have. I wasn't looking at where I was running so I slipped. The rain poured strong. My slipping makes Candice catch up with me. I get a glance of her wearing a police jacket and in her arms is one more jacket for me. "Katrina, wear this jacket" Candice offers as she finally catches up with me. I reject her offer. And throw the jacket in the rain. "Katrina! You can't get sick you know!" she shouted. I did not reply. I did not care. I started crying. Candice hugged me. "It's going to be alright" she says. " No, IT WILL NEVER BE OKAY! Because of your mother. If I never met you NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN!" I started to show what I feel. I cried as much as the rain poured. Then I realized we were in the middle of the road. Then something caught my eye it is a bright light. Soon I realized it was a car coming toward us. It was so fast. Not stopping. As it was about to hit Candice I pushed her away and let it hit me. I closed my eyes waiting for me to die. But nothing. I slowly open my eyes and I saw that the car stopped by my power a few inches away from me. Damon goes out of the car shocked. He helps me up and puts me inside his car also Candice. What great timing. I was about to close my eyes to sleep. Then I realize he can help me to save Candice on the full moon. I look at my pin. This is the only way to protect him. I have to give to him. I don't care if I die. I will give it to him after we talk later. My mind starts to drift away until I realize we're at Damon's house. "Since I heard your mother and grandparents are dead and your house is burned you can stay here with us" he smiles. He was so kind. He helps me out of the car and to the couch. Candice goes to the bed and sleeps immediately without drying herself. He gave me a towel to dry myself. He was about to leave but I grabbed his wrist. "Damon don't leave me." I say. "Okay" he says and sits beside me. "Damon, do you love Candice?" I ask. "Well, I have a slight crush on her." he says. "Why?" "That's good. Because you're my only hope to save both of us do you understand?" "Uhh, yes?" he says unsurely. "Uh, let me say this slowly" I sigh. "Candice's evil mom. Will kill me. IF Candice's doesn't find true love. And she loves you. You're my only hope of living!" I say. "Oh I see" he says. I remove my white pin and hand it to him. "Here. Wear this pin. This will help you live if Candice's mother tries to kill you" I say. "How 'bout you?" he asks. "I don't care if I die. I have to do this" I say. "When will this all happen?" he asks. "Full moon. I need you to kiss her. Wi th LOVE. Not just fake" I say. "The full moon is in 2 days, you know" he says. "So I want you to be in love with her." I say. Then I hold his hands. "For the sake of my life" I say. "Okay. I promise" I let go. And stand up. I go upstairs to Candice. I lay flat on the bed next to her. The next morning we agreed to find the note. Damon also joined us. I went ahead of them so I wouldn't be any interuptions on them. As we reach our old house. I entered it with no hesitations. "Split up guys. It could be anywhere." I say. I enter the kitchen then I see blood everywhere. I screamed I was so shocked. "Katrina!!" Damon shouted worry in his voice as he comes to the kitchen. Candice follows. He hugs me tight. "Are you okay?" he asks. "Damon, I'm okay. Now let go" I say. He let's go. I knew Candice was watching us. What as gone to Damon's mind! They both look around. "Woah!" Damon says. Then I open the refrigerator I was shocked when I see a dead dog and the letter was at his mouth. "Damon and Candice! I found it" I say. They go to me. They were shocked. "Who would get it?" I say. No one speaks. I sigh deeply. "Fine. There aren't any volunteers so I do it" I say. I use my powers to open the dogs mouth and get the note. The note was unreadable. It was covered in blood. Candice offers her hankerchief to wipe it. After she wipes she throws it away. When the blood was all gone it read: "Dear Katrina, I want you to protect Candice. By finding true love. Protect the one she loves also. When he gets to the hands of Candice's mom there will be no hope. If in the end it was a success. We will unite once again. How? You will know soon. We wrote this letter because we knew this our last day of living in Earth. Okay, Good Luck Katrina! We love you with all our heart" I read. Now it was Candice's part of the letter. It was Candice time to read: "Dear Candice, protect Katrina whatever happens. She can bring people from the dead by her power. She can bring one person alive. After she does her job she will die. Good Luck on the full moon! DON'T turn evil. Okay? Bye. Love you!" We half the paper and put it in our pockets. I took a deep breath. I have to put these to love birds faster.

Chapter NineEdit

Candice's P.O.V.Edit

I probably admit that I got jealous over that little hug. But who cares? I've been avoiding Damon this week. I'll just continue avoiding him. I was looking at my old bedroo when Katrina came. "Hey! You've been avoiding me." she said. "It's your fault I'm avoiding you. Do you think I want all of these to happen? Why are you blaming me? Go blame yourself for blaming me!" I shouted. I trapped her inside full of furniture. She wasn't lock though. When I was about to go, she closed the door so hard that it fell on me. "Hey! Guys! Stop it! You are hurting each other!" Damon shouted. "Stop blaming me for what you have done with your life!" I got really red. When I went to my car the engine broke. "Whatever! It won't worko n me! I can repair it" I shouted. Damon stared. "Are you coming?" I asked. "Oh. Yeah. Sure. Of course." he said. I rode back to his house and it started raining hard again. And it was Katrina who made it. I stopped the rain again. What are they planning on me? I got red and rove too fast. "Candice! Slow down! Candice!" Damon shouted. I didn't notice the truck ahead of us. I covered Damon and I tried tostop the truck it was one inch away. "Oh god. We almost died." He said. He left the car. "Hey! Wait! Damon!" I said. "I'll just go if you try to kill us again." he continued. "I'm sorry!" I said. He kept going away and the driver of the truck starts paying. "No. It's my fault. Keep it." I said. He jumped with joy. I was just walking home because My car broke. It lost it's brake. I so tired and the rain started falling again. "Thank you, Katrina! Thank you! Now I'm all wet!" I shouted. I saw Katrina's car passing on me. "Hi! You said it won't work on you so I did it. Why won't you just stop it? I mean you can, right?" she said and drove away. I broke her engine. "That's it!" Katrina shouted from a distance. The strong wind started to blew. "Hey! Stop it! The trees are falling! Stop!" I shouted. I can almost fly because of the strong wind. I saw a hurricane from a distance. I started to run towards them. I protected Damon. Katrina was just standing there doing nothing but she was looking at the hurricane coming towards her. I jumped to her so she won't be flying in the air. "What are you doing? It's direction is on Damon's house! STOP IT!" I shouted and it stopped. "Don't ever EVER have other people's life destroyed." I left and I started to heal Damon's wounds. Damon and I were really close to each other's face. The thunder started to roar. It was a storm. This time it wasn't Katrina who made it. It was my mother. We went inside Damon's house to rest and to dry up. I decided to go outside the house and it started fading. I wasn't doing it. My mother was doing it. I went inside the house again and it started raining harder. I went outside again and it started fading. "Mom? Is it because of Damon?" I asked looking at the sky. I saw a shadow in a distance. I started going closer to it. And it was a woman. "My dear Diana." she said. I got really shocked. "Mo-mo-mom? Is that you?" I asked. She didn't answer but there was darkness all over the place. I'm sure it was my mom. "Is it because of Damon? Damon isn't it? You're afraid? That I might be good because of love right? You are scared! Stop destroying our lives! Do you know what you did with Katrina's life? Huh?" I shouted. The thunder started to roar loauder. The winds are so strong. The trees were falling. "Go away! Stop destroying our lives! You have to leave me alone if you want a better life for me. Please? For me? Will you do it?" I shouted. It was the strongest storm ever! Damon's house was almost destroyed but Katrina was there to protect all of them. Mom started to fade away in a distance. I kept following. Until I was in the woods. I lost her. I saw another shadow again. It was my mother. I started following it again. I kept running until something bit me. It made me unconcious. But I kept following it. I was in the forest already. Everything was dark. I had to stop it. Tomorrow's the full moon. I can't kill Katrina. I'll never kill her. I have to find a way to solve this. My sight become blurred. But I kept running. I started to become dizzy and I fell. No. I have to find my mom. Then she went to me to help me. She stopped the storm.

Chapter TenEdit

Katrina's P.O.V.Edit

I wake up in the morning in front of the house. Beside Damon. Tonight is the full moon. I took a deep breath. And looked at my surroundings. I couldn't find Candice. I wake up Damon. "DAMON!" I shout. "What?" he says. "Where did Candice go?" I asked while shaking him. "To the woods. She was talking to the sky. Or I think her mom" he says. "Oh no." I say as I stood up. "Candice is with her mother" I grab Damon's hand to let him stand up. "And so?" he asks. "WE HAVE TO GET HER STUPID!" I shout. Then I ease my anger. "I'm sorry" "It's okay" he smiles. "Now let's go!" I say. We go through the woods. I feel her vibes it is getting closer. And closer. Then there was a huge wall full of vines. "What now?" Damon says. I use my power to make the vines in to a ladder. "Let's climb" I say.

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